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BMW Brilliance launches new factory construction
The expansion project will be realized on an area of 3.2 square kilometers and will be equipped with flexible production lines, in line with BMW’s strategy …

2020 BMW 545e plug-in hybrid with 394 horsepower coming with 5 Series facelift
BMWBLOG (blog)
The heart of the BMW 545e is a tried and tested drivetrain, which is made up of an in-line six-cylinder engine and an electric motor. The total system …

BMW 316 Touring Turned Into Supercharged Wagon Beast
Castro Motorsports is a BMW -specialized repair and tuning shop from Los Angeles that has built an amazing M3 wagon replica based on a stock 316 …

BMW recalls motorcycle accessory brake fluid reservoir covers
… 8405-753, 8405-754 and 9829547 designed to fit certain model year 2019-2020 BMW R 1250 motorcycles, and part numbers 8404-098, 8405-100, …

BMW plans electric 7 series; Audi takes different approach for its top sedan
Automotive News Europe
BMW’s next-generation 7 Series will be available with a full-electric drivetrain in addition to plug-in hybrid, gasoline and diesel versions, CEO Oliver …

BMW Kicks off construction of new Tiexi plant in China
BMWBLOG (blog)
Yesterday a ceremony was held on the grounds, marking this new chapter in BMW’s presence in China. The new facility will cover an area of 3.2 square …

First Details on the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT Fuel Cell Vehicle
Fröhlich made his comments while releasing new technical details on BMW’s i Hydrogen NEXT concept vehicle, which the company introduced at the …

BMW rolls out its blockchain-powered supply management solution
In 2019, the BMW group initially tested a beta version of the solution, which aimed at optimizing the traceability of automobile parts and essential raw …

BMW of North America reports Q1 2020 sales results
For the sales period ending March 31, 2020 BMW brand sales totaled 59,455 vehicles, a decrease of 15.3% vs the 70,227 vehicles sold in the same time …

Macon man breaks into BMW dealership, steals vehicle
41 NBC News
Once inside the business, Turner took several vehicle keys and a 2020 BMW X5 vehicle that he used to flee the scene. Investigators tracked the …


BMW Group Blog
BMW Group
BMW GROUP BLOG. As an international mobility company, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of innovation. This means exciting …

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Tested: 2020 BMW 228i xDrive Gran Coupe Just Earns Its Badge
Car and Driver
BMW’s new front-wheel-drive-based compact four door is a good sedan but only a fair BMW . image. By Csaba Csere. Apr 1, 2020.

Video: Five Reasons to buy and own a BMW E46 M3
BMWBLOG (blog)
It is one of the most respected and loved cars BMW ever made and that makes it a prime candidate to have its own cult following. It’s not just its …

BMW announces PartChain supply blockchain for tracking automotive parts
BMW intends to use distributed ledger blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability of components and raw materials used in the …

Police: Clay woman let 9-year-old drive BMW , posted video online
A 31-year-old Clay woman has been accused of letting a 9-year-old child drive a BMW in her neighborhood, recording a video and then posting it …

BMW Group uses Blockchain to drive supply chain transparency
BMWBLOG (blog)
Blockchain technology is ever more present and now BMW Group is preparing to implement it as to further optimize and increase the transparency of …

The EfficientDynamics success story: BMW writes the next chapter
BMWBLOG (blog)
Efficient Dynamics has completely reshaped BMW’s approach to sustainable mobility since 2007. The set of innovative technical solutions that …

BMW Group Uses Blockchain To Improve Auto Parts Traceability
PartChain works on blockchain technology and will enable tamper-proof and consistently verifiable collection and transaction of data in BMW’s supply …

Fifty Five years of “Freude am Fahren”: The quintessential BMW slogan
BMWBLOG (blog)
The Bavarian carmaker is instantly associated with the pure joy and pleasure of driving. In a way, BMW is the most Italian of the German automotive …

BMW hops on Toyota’s hydrogen bandwagon with fuel cell powertrain
New Atlas
Still, Toyota must be feeling very vindicated at this stage. Fröhlich gives an overview of BMW’s move in the video below. BMW introduces hydrogen fuel …

BMW of North America Reports Q1 2020 Sales Results.
Yahoo Finance
BMW of North America announced today Q1 2020 sales results for the BMW and MINI brands in the U.S. For the sales period ending March 31, 2020 …

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BMW Cancels 2020 Edition Of BMW Motorrad Days
ADVrider (blog)
In a press release posted March 27th, BMW Motorrad said: “In light of current events and growing measures to contain the corona virus, not to mention …

BMW E36 M3 Compact – The Prototype That Almost Made It
BMWBLOG (blog)
While not exactly a bad car, it is widely considered one of BMW’s failed attempts at making an entry-level offering. While less expensive than the 3 Series …

BMW Taps German Debt Market as Coronavirus Batters Auto Industry
BMW Taps German Debt Market as Coronavirus Batters Auto Industry. By. Jacqueline Poh. March 31, 2020, 1:41 AM PDT …

BMW reveals i Hydrogen powertrain details
Automotive Testing Technology International
“The fuel cell system for the powertrain for the BMW i Hydrogen Next generates up to 170ps of electric energy from the chemical reaction between …

VIDEO: Check out this E46 BMW M3 CSL Manual Conversion
BMWBLOG (blog)
That’s exactly what this one owner did and Carfection got to drive it. In this new video, we get to see Carfection’s Henry Catchpole drive an E46 BMW M3 …

BMW patents steering wheel that changes shape
BMW’s Vision iNext concept, revealed in 2018, featured a square steering wheel that the firm said made it easier for drivers to switch between …

BMW taps German debt market as coronavirus batters auto industry
Automotive News Europe
BMW’s return to the Schuldschein market came as the spread of the coronavirus damps the global economy and hammers auto demand. The automaker …

2021 BMW 330e PHEV Adds Range, Performance, Sophistication
Ward”s Auto
The automaker claims the 330e plug-in hybrid will accelerate to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, while the 330e xDrive requires 5.7 seconds. BMW Xtra Boost …

BMW’s Blockchain Solution for Supply Chains to Roll Out in 2020
Combining blockchain with cloud technology. In the long-term, Wendt said that BMW’s vision is to use blockchain to create “an open platform that will …

BMW expands supply chain blockchain for parts traceability
Ledger Insights
By leveraging PartChain, BMW aims to track a component’s journey from its origin to the factory. By bringing its suppliers on a shared blockchain …

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Autocar Lunchbox: 1992 BMW E1 driven, world’s worst traffic jam and more
Autocar Lunchbox: 1992 BMW E1 driven, world’s worst traffic jam and more. We round up our hottest stories, pictures and videos for you to devour in …

BMW patents steering wheel that changes shape
AOL Travel UK
BMW is working on a technology that would allow its vehicles’ steering wheels to change shape. The German car manufacturer has filed patents that …

BMW Group Romania launches Remote Car Delivery and Return Service
BMWBLOG (blog)
Thus, BMW Group Romania is now offering a catered solution for facilitating the safe delivery of a new car for programmed service operations. BMW  …

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT coming in 2022 with 368 horsepower
BMWBLOG (blog)
As part of its long-term commitment to fuel cell technology, BMW Group will launch the second generation of its hydrogen-based powertrain in 2022 on a …

BMW Group reaffirms commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology
BMWBLOG (blog)
According to BMW , the Bavarians are carefully and constructively building a multi-pillar powertrain and mobility strategy. When the market is ready, the …

First Round Of Layoffs Hits South Carolina’s BMW Plant
German automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke – a.k.a. BMW – is laying off an unspecified number of employees at its manufacturing plant in Greer, …

2021 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive PHEV sedans priced in US starting at $44550 and $46550
Green Car Congress (blog)
The fully variable power transfer of BMW’s intelligent xDrive ensures maximum traction and directional stability in all road and weather conditions while …

Video: Like Mike & Dmitri Vegas share personal stories aboard BMW M8
BMWBLOG (blog)
BMW joined forces with CNN and its cinematic storytelling company Great Big Story, to bring out a series of videos about ‘The Art of Leadership’, …

BMW readies for hydrogen-powered X5 tests in 2022
German automaker BMW has touted hydrogen as a possible future fuel for some time, and, with its latest update, it appeasrs to be making good …

2020 BMW M340i – A Lovely Driver But Not For 3 Series Fans Of Old
The Like the refreshed 7-series and X7, the latest M4 concept also features the full-height twin-kidneys which appear to be BMW’s design direction now.

Bmw – 2020-03-30 – Easy News


BMW North America brings back 330e & 330e xDrive
To compare, the last 330e ran on a 7.6 kWh battery. The electric range of the new 330e was set by BMW as between 59 and 66 kilometers, depending …

Video: BMW M4 and E90 M3 star in a CarWow Drag Race special
BMWBLOG (blog)
Therefore, we’ll get to see how much of a difference there is between these old and new models. Speaking of which, the BMW crew is also represented …

Does This Look Like A BMW To You? No, But It’s Name Sounds Like It So BMW Took Them To Court
Om Balajee Automobile wasn’t too pleased with BMW going after it and expressed concerns with the delay in the automaker approaching the high court …

BMW reinvents the wheel for autonomous cars
Patent drawings obtained by a BMW owners forum show the steering wheel is designed to change from a perfect circle to the shape of a football. The …

What is the difference between the BMW i3 and the i3s?
BMWBLOG (blog)
The BMW i3s models have a lowered and wider stance as well as unique wider 20-inch wheels with performance summer tires. Visually the i3s is most …

A Complete Icon: The History Of The BMW Hofmeister Kink
BMWBLOG (blog)
The BMW 3.0 CSI, year of manufacture 1973 – Exterior (07/2011). Across time, the Hofmeister basically preserved the overall traditional shape. It is said …

Watch a V-12 BMW 8-Series Come Back to Life After Sitting for 16 Years
In case you missed it, I bought an 1992 BMW 8-Series last summer for $700. After half a year of fixing it, I finally got it back on the road. It wasn’t easy.

New BMW injects luxury into 2020 3 Series
Darien Times
No, we didn’t take our test car, a M340i with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system, to the track, but we also had trouble holding it back on the highway. It …

Here Are Some Of BMW’s Greatest Hits On Video, Including Rare 850CSi
Some of the best BMWs on display. Ever. Let’s face it, BMW’s latest designs aren’t exactly the most exciting or the most groundbreaking, but they seem to …

New BMW injects luxury into 2020 3 Series
The Ridgefield Press
The 2020 BMW M340i Sedan is designed to withstand the racetrack and be efficient for everyday driving.

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“The Art of Leadership” – BMW and CNN put the spotlight on exceptional role models.
WebWire (press release)
Values also inherent to BMW ´s luxury car suite – BMW’s X7, 7, 8 und M8 Series. On Thursday, CNN kicked off a six-part branded content series by …

BMW Issues Two New Recalls On R1250GS & Other Models In US
ADV Pulse
BMW of North America has issued two new recalls on certain R1250GS-range motorcycles and several other models for a brake fluid reservoir cover …

VIDEO: Jay Emm Reviews his E66-generation BMW 760i
BMWBLOG (blog)
Even internally at BMW , the entire like of E65 7ers is considered hilariously unreliable. So it’s never had a great reputation. However, now that it’s getting …

10 Old BMWs Still Worth Driving Today (And 5 That Straight Up Suck)
BMW has built their empire on making the best drivers car in existence or at least have claimed that they do. As time passes, industry-standard changes …

Apple reportedly working with BMW for CarKey feature, spotted in iOS 14 code
Yahoo Tech
BMW was also the first to adopt Apple’s Wireless CarPlay, so this comes as no surprise. Screenshots uploaded on Twitter also apparently show the user …

Desperate Man’s Plea After ‘Moron’ Mechanic Ruins BMW Is an Instant Craigslist Classic
The Drive
Desperate Man’s Plea After ‘Moron’ Mechanic Ruins BMW Is an Instant Craigslist Classic. Maybe just take it to the dealer next time. By Rob StumpfMarch …

BMW Can’t Escape Md. Drivers’ Oil-Guzzling Engine Suit
U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett told BMW that the suit, led by Charles Nyarko and others who opted out of a class action settlement over the …

2021 BMW 3 Series Gets Plug-In Hybrid With Increased EV Range News
Even BMW’s M Sport Package is available on this PHEV, adding the same sporty exterior touches like an aero kit and darkened trim. Interior. The interior …

Review: BMW M850i is a competent choice but fails to commit to one personality
The good news is that although the company didn’t clearly design the M850i to excel in a specific area, it gets the top-shelf stuff from BMW’s bin of …

BMW’s i4 Electric Concept Comes With a Hans Zimmer Score
BMW’s i4 Electric Concept Comes With a Hans Zimmer Score. To fill the aural vacuum left by the disappearance of the engine, BMW brought in a ringer.

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Tesla Vs BMW : In-Depth Side-By-Side Comparison Of Key Metrics
While BMW makes incredible luxury cars with fancy interiors and impressive top speeds, it simply can’t compete with Tesla in most areas. Check Out …

VIDEO: Let’s Take a Stroll Down the Memory Lane of BMW Kidney Grilles
BMWBLOG (blog)
To say that BMW has been getting some flak for its new kidney grille design would be a gross understatement. The new grille design, first introduced …

Should You Buy A BMW Extended Warranty?
Paul Eisenstein
BMW certified pre-owned vehicles come with the factory warranty plus another year of coverage with unlimited miles. One weakness of BMW’s factory …

BMW Teams Up With 3T to Create an Aerodynamic Adventure Bike to Tackle Any Terrain
Robb Report
Based on 3T’s sought-after Exploro model, the limited-edition gravel bike boasts a sharp silhouette and precise lines that align with BMW’s renowned …

BMW and Apple Are Teaming Up to Make Your iPhone a Car Key, iOS Leak Reveals
Gear Patrol
While the CarKey system, presumably, would eventually roll out to other automakers, the report suggests BMW will be the first car company to offer the …

BMW plant will close sooner than originally planned
WYFF Greenville
GREER, S.C. —. The BMW plant in Spartanburg County will close earlier than originally planned, officials announced Wednesday. The following …

2021 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid Starts at $45545, EPA Rated at 75 MPGe
Car and Driver
Additionally, the 330e xDrive all-wheel-drive models have also been rated at 67 MPGe and can travel up to 20 miles on the battery alone. image. BMW .

BMW deletes, apologizes for insensitive coronavirus-themed promotional tweet
Fox News
BMW has apologized for a tweet advertising a $151,495 hybrid supercar that appeared to make light of the coronavirus crisis. The tweet was posted …

BMW moves up shut down of production in Spartanburg County
Upstate Business Journal
BMW will temporarily shut down its manufacturing facility in Greer from March 29 through at least April 12 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. But that …

BMW to close Spartanburg, SC, plant
German automaker BMW will shut its Spartanburg, S.C., plant on Sunday, idling the plant’s 11,000 workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Quad-Turbo BMW X6 M50d is not the same, we will give it
Mash Viral (press release) (blog)
The most intriguing aspect of the X6 M50d is that he, like other models such as the BMW 750d and the M550d, uses a 3.0-liter diesel engine with four …

BMW M235i Gran Coupe in Melbourne Red, starting at AUD 69990 in Australia
BMWBLOG (blog)
We bring you a stunning imagery of the new BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe in Melbourne Red, which recently celebrated the debut on the Australian …

BMW and Apple team up to develop CarKey iPhone feature
CAR Magazine
All about forthcoming Apple CarKey ▻ BMW partnering Apple on virtual key ▻ Likely on iPhone 11 onwards, iOS 14. BMW is working with Apple to …

See BMW M135i drag race M140i in damp conditions
Yahoo News UK
BMW changed the car’s underpinnings, moving from a rear-wheel-drive layout to one that primarily powers the front, though all-wheel-drive is available.

BMW -esque branded e-rickshaw? No, says Delhi HC
Times Now
It added that the infringement was with a ‘dishonest intention’ to leverage BMW’s reputation in the market. In case you didn’t know, Om Balajee has been …

BMW driver who racked up speeding fines of more than £15000 and 150 penalty points is banned …
Daily Mail
Marius Balan’s BMW was caught 30 times by speed cameras on the same stretch of road over just five months. Police notices were sent to him asking …

This 1997 BMW 740i Was Placed In A Bubble After Just 158 Miles Where It Stayed For 23 Years!
One of them is a particular E38 BMW 7-Series that was placed inside a bubble (literary) shortly after it was acquired in 1997 and is now up for sale on …

BMW M8 & 840i Spotted In India, Launch Later This Year (blog)
In India, the BMW 840i could be priced around the Rs 1.5 crore mark, while the hotter, more powerful and the utterly desirable M8 version could cost …

BMW could be first to implement Apple CarKey in its cars, according to iOS 14 code
BMW has been active in developing and implementing keyless technology for a while, outlining its intentions to adopt a universal Digital Key standard.

BMW Cops Coronavirus Messaging In i8 Twitter Post
The post has since been deleted, replaced with less promotional COVID-19 advice. The BMW i sub-brand promoted the i8 on Twitter using coronavirus- …


Nissan may be following BMW with a redesigned flat logo
It”s Nice That
Nissan might be about to follow BMW in redesigning its 3D, 90s-era logo to become flat, as the Japanese car brand has applied for trademarks on a …

The Gold BMW
BMW are introducing their second all electric car to the market next year. That car, will be the i4. We take a look around at the concept i4, which has…