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Tesla reduces Model Y prices, now starts below $50000
As a surprise move today, Tesla is reducing the price of the Model Y, the automaker’s latest vehicle by $3,000 – a significant price drop for a vehicle …

Tesla Model Y Spotted In Europe
Tesla’s efficiency is unmatched in the electric vehicle space. Their cars have more driving range than any of their comparable competitors, with a battery …

Would Tesla Stock Rise 60% If Added to the S&P 500? Please, That’s a Stretch.
Reuters also wrote that analysts predict high demand for shares upon Tesla’s entry. Some, however, are skeptical what happened to Yahoo! will happen …

Point/Counterpoint: The Case on Tesla
Yahoo Finance
By Yasin Ebrahim and Geoffrey Smith. Investing.com — Shares of electric car maker Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) seem be be on an unstoppable rally, rising …

Tesla ‘ Trailer: Ethan Hawke Shoots Lightning From Earth to Sky as 19th Century Inventor
Hollywood Reporter
While the film may cover some of Tesla’s most noteworthy discoveries, including the different kinds of electric currents and his eponymous coil, the biopic …

Analyst: Tesla And Nikola Are The ‘Silent Short Seller Killers’
Tesla’s short percent of float is 9.5%, while Nikola’s is 7.6%. Dusaniwsky said Tesla short sellers have endured $18 billion in mark-to-market losses year- …

Del Valle ISD OKs deal to give Tesla tax breaks for ‘Gigafactory,’ reports say
The agreement requires Tesla to build a 4 to 5 million-square-foot facility that would be able to employ 5,000 or more employees. Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’ …

Nasdaq stocks led by Tesla continue their blistering run while chill envelops rest of the market
Elon Musk, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tesla Motors. Yuriko Nakao | Bloomberg | Getty Images. This stock market is like the old line about …

Rivian Snags $2.5 Billion From T. Rowe Price, Amazon To Take On Tesla In Electric Trucks
Both the R1T and R1S are to have electric range of up to 400 miles per charge–well more than any of Tesla’s current EVs–and they are priced from …

Tesla to hold shareholder meeting and ‘battery day’ in person on September 22nd
The Verge
Many of Tesla’s board members are also up for reelection, including chairwoman Robyn Denholm, who took over after Musk was banned from chairing …

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Tesla secures tax break for Cybertruck Gigafactory in Austin
However, before the deal is made official, Tesla needs to receive approval from a few levels of local government for an incentive package that includes …

Tesla stock gains more than 6%, keeps $1500 within sights
Shares of Tesla Inc. TSLA, +6.97% vied to crack $1,500 a piece on Friday, surging 6% and set to end at a record as some investors bet demand for the …

Tesla’s ‘Shining Light’ Is China. Here’s Why.
Analyst Daniel Ives notes that recent reports from China seem to indicate a strong rebound in demand for Tesla’s Model 3 vehicles in June—a key …

Popular EV YouTuber Says ‘ Tesla Fanboys’ Ganged Up to Get Video Taken Down
The Drive
Recently, Benoit uploaded a video announcing that he was selling his latest Tesla project in favor of buying something powered by gasoline, but to his …

Tesla patents new technology for lithium metal/anode-free battery cells
They are still working on the new cells as evidenced by a new patent application Dahn’s team for Tesla’s Canadian research group: ‘Electrolytes with …

Rivian CEO Scaringe’s aggressive plan to beat Tesla and Nikola with the first all-electric pickup …
“We really value active humility and letting our actions speak louder than our words.” Although Rivian hasn’t received as much attention as Tesla and …

Del Valle school district approves incentives deal with Tesla
Austin Business Journal
Tesla Inc. is a step closer to building an Austin factory after Del Valle ISD trustees on July 9 approved an incentives agreement with the company.

Tesla stock skeptics burn $18B with bad bets
Fox Business
“The reason behind Tesla’s short squeeze is obvious and straightforward: Large mark-to-market losses are forcing out some short-sellers as they hit their …

Tesla appears poised to electrify the S&P 500
It would have a major impact on investment funds that track the index. While analysts and investors have recently become more confident of Tesla’s  …

Elon Musk about to get another $1.8 billion payday from Tesla
Those options were worth an estimated $770 million at that time, after factoring in Tesla’s share price and the $350.02 cost of exercising each option.


Bloomberg – Tesla is poised to be the first stock ever to… | Facebook
Tesla is poised to be the first stock ever to have $20 billion in short bets against it.

Tesla – 2020-07-10 – Easy News


Fisker and Karma raise millions of dollars following wave of Tesla optimism
The Verge
The money comes at a time when there appears to be renewed interest in funding money-hungry electric vehicle startups, thanks in large part to Tesla’s  …

Inside Clean Energy: Sunrun and Vivint Form New Solar Goliath, Leaving Tesla to Play David
InsideClimate News
Tesla’s SolarCity subsidiary was the national leader in rooftop solar as recently as 2017, but it pulled back on its sales outreach and got passed by …

Tesla Pushes China’s EV Bubble Closer to Bursting
Transport Topics Online
About 18 months later, the first Teslas rolled off the U.S. company’s assembly line in Shanghai. Monthly Tesla registrations in China now exceed 10,000, …

Tesla and NIO Stock Are Skyrocketing. Blame Retail Traders.
And only Tesla makes money. Part of the reason might be that EV stocks have become trading vehicles in themselves. Their popularity on Robinhood— …

Tesla Announces Date for Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results and Webcast
At that time, Tesla will issue a brief advisory containing a link to the Q2 2020 update, which will be available on Tesla’s Investor Relations website. Tesla  …

Tesla China Sales Of Model 3 Vehicles Up 35% In June
Yahoo Finance
CPCA uses a different counting method than Tesla’s deliveries. Overall, China’s passenger car sales in June fell 6.5% year-on-year to 1.68 million units.

Tesla at $2000 is new ‘bull case’ for Morgan Stanley
Tesla likely to post second-quarter GAAP profit, analyst says. Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk dances onstage during a January event in Shanghai, China.

Tesla to report second-quarter results on July 22
Analysts polled by FactSet expect Tesla to report an adjusted loss of 58 cents a share on sales of $4.8 billion, which would compare with an adjusted …

Tesla stock surges more than 200% in 2020 – three experts on what comes next
Tesla shares have jumped nearly 230% so far this year. Three experts break down what’s next. Dan Ives, managing director of equity research at …

Elon Musk Gloats as Rally Drives Tesla Shares to New Heights
Wall Street Journal
Electric-car maker’s market value has risen about 22% in the past week, causing fresh pain for bearish investors. CEO Elon Musk has celebrated Tesla  …


Popular Tesla YouTuber Has Video Pulled For Saying He Wants Gas Cars
Benoit’s Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel focuses on taking salvaged Teslas and then rebuilding them. Tesla guards its parts access, service info, and …

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Tesla captures bigger chunk of China EV market
Tesla’s investment in production capacity at Gigafactory Shanghai is paying off as the automaker captures a bigger chunk of the Chinese EV market, …

What Investors Who Have Never Driven a Tesla Should Know
Some apps, like Tesla’s advanced autopilot, can be purchased for an additional cost. Model 3 sedans come with basic autopilot that functions on …

Electric Cars Drag China Auto Sales Lower In June, But Tesla Shines
Investor”s Business Daily
Tesla commanded 23% of electric car sales, selling 14,954 Model 3 cars made in its new Chinese factory. Sales of sedans, SUVs, minivans and …

Tesla Supercharging Station Opens in Reston Station
Reston Now
Tesla’s pioneering sustainability initiatives and brand platform are a great complement to our long-term vision to deliver best in class amenities to our …

Tesla’s Musk approaches a $1.8 billion bonanza
(Reuters) – Tesla Inc’s blistering stock rally is putting Chief Executive Elon Musk in reach of a payday potentially worth $1.8 billion, his second jackpot …

Tesla hits it big in Korea, Model 3 sales jump
Vehicles with larger packs and longer ranges, like Tesla’s , can charge in under 10 hours, but by using level 2 chargers or fast-charging, not a standard …

Tesla negotiations in Austin seem down to nitty gritty
Austin Business Journal
Tesla has zeroed in on a sand and gravel mine site in East Austin as the potential site of its next manufacturing facility. Arnold Wells / ABJ. By Daniel …

Tesla is a ‘stock you cannot fundamentally value,’ trader says. Here’s his strategy for its record climb
Tesla’s $258 billion market cap now makes it larger than 97% of the S&P 500′s components. Analysts at Barclays and Morgan Stanley who remain …

Tesla doubters chase surging stock price
Fox Business
Tesla’s market capitalization has increased by $47 billion to $254 billion from July 1 through Monday, according to Dow Jones Market Data. The spike …

Tesla Downside If China Arrests Musk
Now Tesla is quickly expanding operations in China – deliveries are scaling up from the company’s Shanghai plant, and demand is soaring post the …


‘million-mile’ electric-car battery
EQ International
Reducing Tesla’s own costs and spurring mass adoption of EVs remain critical priorities for Tesla , as echoed in a message from Musk to employees on …

Tesla – 2020-07-08 – Easy News


Sunrun’s $3.2 billion Vivint Solar bid challenges Tesla’s energy ambitions
Tesla’s 2014 acquisition of SolarCity turned the electric vehicle manufacturer into the undisputed largest player in residential solar, but that lead has …

Tesla’s stock surges toward another record after the Street’s most bearish analyst boosts price target
Shares of Tesla Inc. TSLA, +13.47% shot up 6.2% in premarket trading Monday, putting them on track to open at another record high, as even the most …

What Investors Who Have Never Driven a Tesla Should Know
(Netflix is only available when the car isn’t in motion.) Some apps, like Tesla’s advanced autopilot, can be purchased for an additional cost. Model 3 …

Why NIO, Tesla and Other EV Stocks Might Be in Bubble Territory
Workhorse, NIO, Tesla , Nikola, and Tortoise have gained almost 180% over the past month. Now their shares are trading, on average, 146% above Wall …

Police call for Tesla owners with Sentry Mode to help solve attempted murder
Sentry Mode is an integrated surveillance system inside Tesla’s vehicles using the Autopilot cameras around the car. When activated, it automatically …

There’s No Stopping Tesla Stock
Tesla’s remarkable run has created a halo effect that is benefiting other electric-vehicle stocks. Shares of six large alternative-fuel vehicle makers, …

Tesla Powers Up; Lithium And Other Battery Metals Will Follow
Interestingly, the connection between Tesla’s recent rocket-run on the stock market has not been replicated in the battery-metals sector, yet. But as Tesla  …

Tesla salespeople say years of layoffs and furloughs have made them doubt their job security
Business Insider
When Musk told all of Tesla’s employees in March that they could stay home if they were sick or worried about the coronavirus, three salespeople said …

How Tesla Delivered Despite Lockdowns
Moreover, Tesla’s flagship Fremont facility actually remained shut for about six weeks over Q2 due to lockdowns associated with the pandemic. So how …

Do Not Buy Tesla’s 47% Overvalued Stock
If Tesla’s board were to replace Elon Musk with a typical automotive executive, its stock could plunge. Indeed, if Tesla merely hit the average analyst …

Tesla – 2020-07-07 – Easy News


Tesla Has Been Working On an RNA Bioreactor
Popular Mechanics
The bioreactor works by combining chemical agents in an egg-shaped magnetic mixer. Tesla has taken on the manufacturing role for a biotech startup …

Tesla ‘Superchargers’ now operating in Bismarck, other North Dakota cities
Bismarck Tribune
Jason Mosser, of Mandan, charges his Tesla Model 3 at the new Supercharger station near the T.J. Maxx store along Interstate Avenue in northwest …

Tesla’s Success Is Good News For Everyone
To all intents and purposes, Tesla is now the most valuable car company in the world, mainly thanks to the fact that it looks very little like its competitors …

Tesla deploys new Megapack project underpinned by ‘cutting-edge Autobidder AI’
A group of companies in the UK announced that they commissioned a new Tesla Megapack project that is going to use Tesla’s new Autobidder …

Tesla adds $14 billion a day to its valuation
The Detroit News
Remember when Tesla Inc.’s market value surpassed General Motors Co.? That was just in October, though investors can’t be blamed for thinking it …

The Auto Industry And Tesla : A Retrospective
Yahoo Finance
There are numerous examples of this dichotomy, but one I have been harping on in numerous columns is the relation between Tesla and the auto …

Tesla’s stock soars toward record as Wall Street’s biggest bear raises price target
Shares of Tesla Inc. charged higher toward another record Monday, after even the most bearish Wall Street analyst lifted his price target following the …

Tesla (TSLA) stock rallies to new all-time high as Wall Street adjusts
Tesla’s (TSLA) stock is rallying again and pushing new all-time highs as Wall Street analysts are scrambling to adjust. The automaker’s stock …

Tesla’s Overexcited Fans Should Cool Down a Little
Washington Post
Nevertheless, Tesla’s stock market acolytes pushed the shares up another 8% on Thursday, adding $16.5 billion to the market value. Such exuberance …

Tesla taunts short-sellers by selling ‘short shorts’
Fox Business
The red satin shorts with gold trim, available for $69.42, feature a Tesla logo on the front left side and have “S3XY” written across the back. The 420 is …


Tesla is on Facebook. To connect with Tesla , join Facebook today. Join. or. Log In. Tesla is on Facebook. To connect with Tesla , join Facebook today.

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Tesla’s Ambitious Plan To Ditch Cobalt
Now, however, Tesla’s new lithium-iron battery could potentially change everything. Their new batteries would allow electric cars to travel for 400 miles …

No Joke: Tesla Could Be Helping Make a Coronavirus Vaccine
Motley Fool
Image source: Tesla . The CureVac connection. Musk specifically stated that Tesla is working with CureVac. Although the German biotech isn’t well- …

Tesla Model Y Performance Touchless Delivery And First Drive Reaction
Perhaps this experience is working to change his mind? Slye’s friend canceled an EV reservation as well, though it wasn’t a Tesla reservation. Instead, …

Tesla workers rally, call for health department protections during COVID-19 pandemic
KTVU San Francisco
 . OAKLAND, Calif. – Tesla workers rallied outside Alameda County Public Health Department on Thursday. They want the county to protect …

Tesla’s [TSLA] Q2 May Be Very Profitable
Now that we’ve seen Tesla’s actual Q2 2020 production and delivery numbers, the next thing Tesla bears and bulls turn their attention to is trying to …

How Tesla Became More Valuable Than Exxon
Yahoo Finance
Further, Tesla’s market cap is now bigger than Toyota Motor’s $205.2B, making it the most valuable automaker in the world. It’s also several times bigger …

Before You Buy: Tesla Model Y Buyers Turn To Quality Checklists
That could happen but anecdotal evidence on YouTube, Tesla forums, and Reddit indicate that the carmaker has to get quality under control first.

Tesla shines during the pandemic as other automakers struggle
It did not help that Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk, was regularly sparring on Twitter with critics and securities regulators alike. Advertisement. But …

Tesla launches short shorts for real and the internet goes crazy
As we reported last week, Tesla’s stock pushed to new record highs after Tesla reported better than expected deliveries during the second quarter. Musk …

Tesla has surpassed Toyota to become more valuable than the Japanese carmaker, but Tesla isn’t …
Business Insider
Tesla had already surpassed General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler to become the most valuable carmaker in the US. But is Tesla really worth more …


Tesla Short Shorts
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Celebrate summer with Tesla Short Shorts. Run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red satin and gold trim design. Relax poolside or …