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Tesla could help make lithium ion batteries for ventilators to help fight COVID-19, says ResMed …
Tesla and Elon Musk have purchased 1,000 of ResMed’s Bi-PAP machines, more commonly used for sleep apnea treatment, to donate to hospitals …

A worker at Panasonic’s joint factory with Tesla reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus
Business Insider
Musk previously said the factory will ‘reopen for ventilator production as soon as humanly possible.’ Tesla’s joint venture with Panasonic is planned to …

First Tesla Model Y teardown: Here’s what we are learning
Stay tuned for more details. It is being performed by Sandy Munro, a manufacturing expert who rose to fame in the Tesla community after his breakdown …

Coronavirus may tap Tesla’s brakes on deliveries
Fox Business
Tesla’s Elon Musk tweets about his auto company’s ventilator production. FOX Business’ Susan Li with more. The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to …

Tesla delivers 88400 electric vehicles, beating expectations
Tesla delivered 88,400 vehicles in the first quarter, beating most analysts expectations despite a 21% decrease from the previous quarter as the …

Chanos says he is still ‘maximum short’ Tesla even with drop in last month
It’s still one of my favorite positions,” Chanos said. He said his firm warned clients that Tesla’s recent rally from about November to February wouldn’t last.

Tesla’s 1Q Car Sales Surged Before Pandemic Shut Things Down
The New York Times
BERKELEY, Calif. — Tesla’s sales of its increasingly popular electric cars got off to fast start this year, even though the company had to slam the …

Tesla becomes Iceland’s most popular car brand with its first batch of deliveries
Even though Tesla only officially entered Iceland last September, it has proven so popular that it delivered 415 vehicles in the first quarter of the year, …

Tesla soars on delivery numbers — company delivered 88400 vehicles in Q1
Tesla just reported first quarter vehicle delivery and production numbers for 2020. In the company’s 2019 fourth-quarter earnings call, CEO Elon Musk …

Tesla kept global sales and production up despite coronavirus-related shutdowns
The Verge
Tesla says it has made 102,672 cars so far this year, the second most in a financial quarter for the company. Overall, it was the company’s best first …


Tesla Q1 2020 Vehicle Production & Deliveries
Tesla Q1 2020 Vehicle Production & Deliveries. PALO ALTO, Calif. , April 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the first quarter, we produced almost …

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Tesla rolls out new commercial solar ordering with integrated battery storage options
Tesla’s vision for residential and commercial sustainability does not end with solar panels, however. Ever since launching its Energy division, Tesla has …

Coronavirus: Tesla , Apple shares fall as dire warnings weigh on Wall Street
The Mercury News
With President Trump warning of dire situation facing Americans over the coming weeks, investors sent stocks such as those of Tesla , Apple and HP …

Tesla Stock Is Dropping Because Tuesday’s Good News May Not Be True
The gain came despite a 1.6% drop in the market and some Wall Street firms scaling back their forecasts for Tesla’s performance due to the effect of …

How Tesla fought to keep its US plant open despite lockdown order
The Japan Times
San Francisco – Tesla Inc.’s lone U.S. assembly plant posed a risk to public health by staying open for days in spite of San Francisco Bay area …

Tesla is using its logistic network to deliver ventilators to hospitals for free
Tesla’s Chinese team and Musk managed to secure a surplus of 1,000 ventilators from China and delivered them to hospitals in California earlier this …

Australia Could Be 3rd Largest Market For Tesla Cybertruck
It says the market for the Cybertruck could lead to more than $1.5 billion in sales for Tesla . The new data was gathered from 1,800 Cybertruck …

Tesla’s Spoiled End-of-Quarter Push Does a Number on Deliveries
Yahoo Finance
(Bloomberg) — Tesla Inc. tends to pull out all the stops at the end of each quarter, with Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk often rallying the troops to …

Panasonic worker at Tesla’s NY factory tested positive for COVID-19
The Verge
A Panasonic employee at Tesla’s solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York tested positive in March for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel …

Tesla Braces for Delivery Collapse Amid Coronavirus Shutdown
Yahoo Finance
With production shuttered and global car deliveries showing signs of total collapse, Tesla’s official guidance for more than 500,000 deliveries in 2020 …

Coronavirus Could Take Tesla Stock To $130
The market will not take this well, resulting in Tesla’s P/S multiple falling from about 3.6x currently to just 1.5x. Notably, a significant contributor to the …


Tesla plans to supply FDA-approved ventilators free of cost: Elon Musk
The Economic Times
Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Tuesday the company has extra FDA-approved ventilators that can be shipped free of cost to hospitals …

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First look at Tesla Solarglass Roof owner’s manual, Tesla Gateway, and more
Tesla’s latest solar product aims at being more aesthetically-pleasing and also expand the solar market to homes that need a new roof in the next few …

Tesla deliveries estimates to be dialed down
Seeking Alpha
Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives thinks Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) will report 82K deliveries for Q1, comprised of 14K Model S/X units and 68M …

Tesla Worker At Nevada Gigafactory Tested Positive For Coronavirus As Company Cut 75% Staff
The Tesla employee was at the gigafactory for an hour on March 21, before going home for being sick. Panasonic told employees that the worker didn’t …

This Is How Tesla Owners Geek Out on Their Cars’ Data
Car and Driver
Tesla stands apart from the secretive automaker norm by being more forthright about what’s being collected and allows anyone to harness the data …

Next “ Tesla Inside Out” Episode — Webinar + Q&A
With social distancing being the name of the game these days, longtime Tesla insider David Havasi and I are no longer able to jump into a Tesla and …

Tesla plans to supply FDA-approved ventilators free of cost: Musk
Yahoo Finance
(Reuters) – Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Tuesday the company has extra FDA-approved ventilators that can be shipped free …

The debut electric vehicle from former Tesla engineer faces delay
The first EV from Lucid Motors Inc., the car company setup by former Tesla chief engineer Peter Rawlinson, won’t be going ahead exactly as planned.

Tesla reveals insane $172000 Powerpack price and here’s why it makes sense
Tesla has revealed the price of a single Powerpack price, an insane $172,000, as part of its updated commercial solar price. However, the price kind …

Why Tesla Stock Jumped Tuesday
Motley Fool
Shares of the electric-car maker were likely up due to an analyst’s decision to reiterate an outperform rating for the stock. Tesla’s Model S, 3, X, and Y.

Tesla created a ‘public health risk’ by keeping car factory open, local official said
The Verge
The emails were sent by the local police chief to Tesla’s senior policy advisor, Dan Chia. Each one includes a letter memorializing calls and virtual …


Elon Musk on Twitter: ‘We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide …
Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately …

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Tesla Stock Sags as Wall Street Cuts Forecasts for Deliveries. But Numbers Shouldn’t Matter Right …
Tesla typically delivers a disproportionate share of its quarter’s units in the last two weeks of the quarter,” wrote Jonas in a Monday research report. That …

Teamsters Call On Apple & Tesla To Stand By Workers During COVID-19
Yahoo Finance
Apple and Tesla are exceptions to the long list of tech companies which have continued to reimburse their transportation providers to ensure drivers …

Chinese Tesla challenger Evergrande Health says profit will recover with new electric cars on the …
South China Morning Post
… which sees itself as Tesla’s main challenger in China, said it has 14 new models in the pipeline which it aims to move to mass-production and sales …

Australia’s Cybertruck market has $1.5 billion potential for Tesla
The Driven (blog)
The angular shape of the all-electric Cybertruck, unveiled in November by Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk, was at the time met with a wide range …

Stock Market Wrap-Up: Tesla Might Not Deliver; Coronavirus Spurs Sysco Layoffs
Motley Fool
Image source: Tesla . Analysts at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) questioned Tesla’s ability to meet the average Wall Street projection for 97,000 vehicle …

Tesla starts preparing Model Y rear-wheel-drive deliveries amid drop in demand
As it has been the case with Tesla’s other vehicle launches, the automaker has been focusing on a few versions of the vehicle without offering too many …

Tesla self-driving traffic light and stop-sign interaction explained in leaked manual
As we reported last week, Tesla has started to push an Autopilot update with the actual ability to handle intersections to its “early access fleet,” a group of …

Tesla stock rally: shares rise with the stock market
Yahoo Finance
UBS analyst Patrick Hummel upgraded Tesla stock from Sell to Neutral this week, saying that demand appears to be relatively high and it remains a …

An employee at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada has tested positive for COVID-19
Business Insider UK
The Nevada Gigafactory is the only one of Tesla’s three US factories still operating through the coronavirus pandemic. In an email to employees, Tesla  …

Cannabis Declared an ‘Essential Business.’ Tesla , Not So Much.
Motley Fool
The Fremont plant is the epicenter of Tesla’s business, where it makes most of its Model 3, X, and S vehicles and has also begun production of the …


Authorization of Production Activity: Tesla , Inc., Foreign-Trade Zone 18, San Jose, CA
Federal Register
Authorization of Production Activity: Tesla , Inc., Foreign-Trade Zone 18, San Jose, CA.

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Barron’s Picks And Pans: Tech Picks, SoftBank, REITs, Tesla And More
Barron’s Picks And Pans: Tech Picks, SoftBank, REITs, Tesla And More. by Nelson Hem 2 min read. in 14 hours Sun, 29 Mar 2020 10:29:06 -0400.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy The Tesla Cybertruck
If you’re in the market for a pickup truck, especially an electric pickup truck, then perhaps the Tesla Cybertruck is on your mind. If so, then these top 10 …

Tesla Model Y drag races Model X “Raven”, and Model 3 in 1/4-mile test
A Tesla Model Y Performance drag raced a Model 3 Performance and Model X Performance Raven in a test to determine how the newest all-electric …

The Tesla Model Y’s Rear End Design Might Make It Extremely Expensive to Repair
The Drive
The new Tesla Model Y crossover is finally hitting the streets and faithful EV owners are starting to post photos and reviews across the internet.

2016 Vs 2020 Tesla Model X: What’s Improved? Changes Charted
Tesla doesn’t completely redesign its models or officially refresh them. CEO Elon Musk has actually insisted on this even though vehicles like the …

Coronavirus: Tesla donates hundreds of ventilators to New York
BBC News
The Tesla chief executive said the first batch of donated machines would be delivered later on Friday. The ventilators were purchased from US …

Tesla Cuts Jobs In Nevada, Sends Ventilators To New York
Panasonic makes battery cells at Gigafactory 1 and Tesla produces motors and battery packs for its Model 3 electric cars there. A request by Reuters for …

Tesla Model X Accident: How Good Is Tesla Collision Service?
This family has had good and bad luck with Tesla service, so they’re skeptical about the repair process. While Dan Markham and the What’s Inside …

Tesla Owners In New York Want To Help Tesla Employees Who Are Making Ventilators
Tesla’s Gigafactory in New York is producing ventilators to help save lives and Elon Musk will be giving them away to hospitals in need. @ …

Tesla bids to deploy one of the biggest batteries in the world with 244 Megapacks in Hawaii
Hawaiian Electric released an environmental assessment draft for Tesla’s project (hat tip to Daniel A.). With a planned capacity of 810 MWh, the project …

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This Documentary Tells Tesla’s Story From Bull & Bear Perspectives
Many accounts highlight Elon Musk as the lone genius behind Tesla’s winning three-phase strategy to bring an affordable EV to market. However, as this …

Tesla Model Y: stunning lowered electric SUV by Unplugged Performance
Tesla has just started delivering the Model Y and some accessory makers and tuners already got their hands on the electric SUV and started releasing …

Which Version Of Autopilot Hardware (2.5 Or 3.0) Is In Your Tesla ?
I believe in Tesla’s mission and want them to succeed but I don’t believe customers should be misled.” Why Have These MIC Tesla Model 3 Units Come …

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai makes 3000 cars per week amid other factory shutdowns
Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory currently has a production capacity of 3,000 units per week, which is a significant improvement over the 2,000 units per …

Boeing Takes Market-Cap Crown From Tesla as Bailouts Target Commercial Aviation
Back then, there were seven U.S. industrial companies with market capitalizations north of $100 billion—including Tesla (TSLA)—and the top 10 were …

Will First Quarter Delivery Numbers Fuel Or Flatten Tesla Stock?
Investor”s Business Daily
As a result, a disruption of that supply chain could negatively impact Tesla’s ability to deliver its products. Tesla Inc (TSLA).

Why Tesla Stock Fell Friday
Motley Fool
But one bearish analyst report may have affected the stock as well. Tesla’s Model S, 3, X, and Y. Image source: Tesla . So what. Capturing bearish …

Why Are Tesla Cars So Popular?
Yahoo Finance
Tesla probably knew this, so it made a special battery pack and built a Supercharger network. To date, Tesla’s battery pack is better than the batteries of …

Tesla & The China Connection
Tesla’s connection to China has brought the world’s most elite electric vehicles to the world’s second-largest economy, and the rare relationship is …

Tesla to slash 75% of staff at Nevada factory due to coronavirus
The factory produces electric motors and battery packs for Tesla’s popular Model 3 sedans. “ Tesla has informed us that the Gigafactory in Storey County …


Elon Musk shipping hundreds of ventilators to New York, Tesla reportedly reducing staff in Nevada
Fox News
In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, is retooling his companies to help in the efforts to combat the virus.

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Tesla Model Y now has its own $79, 6-port USB hub from Jeda
Inside the hub there are now 2 more USB-A ports for hiding away USB storage for Sentry Mode/ Tesla DashCam. Overall the design hides away in the …

Tesla Model Y: detailer points out paint defects on brand new electric SUV
There have been some improvements with the latest models and now a detailer at Chicago Auto Pros is looking at Tesla’s brand new Model Y. One of …

Tesla furloughs employees due to drop in demand amid crisis
An email from Axel Tangen, Tesla’s director of Northern Europe, to employees in Norway states that Tesla plans to temporarily lay off some workers …

Leaked email reveals Tesla is furloughing some workers in Norway after a big drop in demand …
Business Insider UK
Leaked email reveals Tesla is furloughing some workers in Norway after a big drop in demand caused by the coronavirus. Mark Matousek. 2 hours …

Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Wednesday
Motley Fool
With vehicle manufacturing at Tesla’s factory in the U.S. currently shut down, investors are likely concerned about the automaker’s ability to hit its …

Watch Tesla Autopilot automatically stop at red light for the first time
When the automaker pushed the update in December, Tesla’s Autopilot system didn’t act on those traffic lights. Now it looks like Tesla has started to …

Tesla workers say they’ve been left confused, scared, and frustrated as the coronavirus spreads …
Business Insider Nordic
Tesla workers say they’ve been left confused, scared, and frustrated as the coronavirus spreads rapidly through the US. Mark Matousek and Linette …

Elon Musk’s coronavirus journey: A timeline
Despite orders from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, where Tesla’s plant is based, to shut it down because it’s not an “essential” business, Tesla was …

Some Tesla factory employees still had to work after the production shutdown
The Verge
Local officials have confirmed that Tesla stopped making electric cars in California on Monday, March 23rd, in compliance with a shelter-in-place order …

Tesla CEO Elon Musk vows to make ventilators at Buffalo plant that got $750M state subsidy
Now the plant might prove helpful in the fight against coronavirus. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company’s solar factory hopes to begin to make …

Tesla Reportedly Closing Superchargers In Spain Due To COVID-19
Tesla may have to reconsider its Supercharger locations in the future. The coronavirus is severely impacting global business in a multitude of ways.

Tesla Model Y: Why You Should Consider Paint Protection Film
This Y looks subdued with its satin finish. It’s not because some Tesla’s are known to have paint that damages easily, though the film certainly helps with …

Aside From Touchless, Tesla Offers Other Convenient Delivery Options
There are many ways to take delivery of your Tesla without the excess human interaction. As we continue to deal with life in the midst of a global …

Ford or Tesla : Which Is a Better Stock to Buy?
Market Realist
Tesla and Ford stocks have fallen sharply amid the coronavirus-driven sell-off in equity markets. However, the fall in Ford stock and been much more …

E.ON to design energy solutions for Tesla’s German Gigafactory
Yahoo Finance
FRANKFURT (Reuters) – E.ON, Germany’s largest energy group, has been hired by Tesla to design the energy solutions for its planned Gigafactory …

Tesla introduces several new car delivery options
Here’s Tesla’s new list of delivery options: Express Delivery: Arrive at your scheduled delivery location, and after check-in, be remotely routed to your …

Tesla smart home HVAC: Elon Musk considers the new product again
Musk also added that Tesla’s HVAC system could “maybe tap the condensation for water too.” The CEO said: “Seems odd that HVAC systems make pure …

Valuing Tesla [TSLA] — Or Any Company — In The Coronavirus Era
As you can imagine, Elon Musk’s package with Tesla is perfect to me. No Stock Buybacks — As politicians debate if we are going to bail out airlines …

How Elon Musk managed to secure Tesla’s first store with a Roadster and patents
“Early Tesla founders, Martin Eberhard, and Marc Tarpenning wanted to open their first sales/service outlet for their Tesla Roadsters in Los Angeles.

These analysts have downshifted Tesla , but say long-term prospects intact
Analyst Bill Selesky at Argus Research cut his rating on Tesla US:TSLA shares to hold from buy on expectations of lower deliveries, Tesla’s proxy for …