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Tesla’s Musk Praises (and Warns) Other Automakers
Market Realist
Tesla CEO Elon Musk frequently mocks gasoline cars and established carmakers. However, in a recent tweet, he seemingly praised automakers for …

Ford is challenging Tesla by trying to calm one of the biggest fears people have about electric …
Business Insider UK
Ford announced on Thursday that it is giving electric-vehicle customers two years of free access to over 12,000 charging stations in North America …

All-New Tesla Pickup Truck Cyberpunk Render Is As Real As It Gets
It’s clear to us that this is what Tesla CEO Elon Musk has in mind for the upcoming Tesla truck. From the lone teaser image released by Musk (see …

Tesla’s crash test lab video shows real and virtual Model 3 wrecks
Despite what Elon Musk may think of media coverage when it comes to Tesla accidents, we don’t want to see the company’s EVs smashing into …

Elon Musk says monster Tesla seen on racetrack will go into production by summer 2020
Tesla is back at Nürburgring. Two Tesla Model S cars have been spotted (via Teslarati) on the legendary German race track, and while there are no …

Exclusive: Inside Tesla’s secret Crash Test Lab
Say what you like about the Tesla Model 3’s cost, its range or its over-reliance on that lone touchscreen. But if you have to get into an accident, there …

Tesla quietly changed its return policy and added a non-refundable $100 order fee
Tesla has ditched refundable $1,000 deposits, which were required to order its cars previously, and instead will now charge a $100 non-refundable …

Tesla Model S Plaid: Everything We Know
If you’ve seen Mel Brooks’s Star Wars parody, Spaceballs, you know that after Ludicrous Speed, you go Plaid. Four years ago, Tesla launched the …

Tesla gets green light to start producing EVs in China
China’s industry ministry has add Tesla to a government list of approved automotive manufacturers, a designation that allows the electric automaker to …

Tesla raises prices on standard Model 3
Tesla is raising the price of the most affordable version of the mass-market Model 3. The Standard Range Plus version of the Model 3 is rising from …


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Tesla – 2019-10-17 – Easy News


Tesla records woman keying car in Charlotte park, police report filed
Charlotte Observer
Tesla owner Michael McEown just wants to know why a woman felt the need to key his car at a public park in Charlotte. McEown, a Concord resident, …

Tesla Poised to Begin Powerwall Home Battery Installations in Japan: Reports
Tesla (TSLA – Get Report) will debut its Powerwall home power storage batteries in Asia early next year, starting in Japan, Reuters reported on …

Smart Summon Keeps Causing Teslas to Crash
Remember Smart Summon, the much-hyped Tesla feature that lets cars maneuver through parking lots autonomously? It finally rolled out last month, …

Flash Memory on Some Tesla Cars Is Reportedly Burning Out, Causing Major Issues
Displays on older models of Tesla electric vehicles are bricking because of shoddy flash memory, according to reports in Inside EVs and Motherboard.

Tesla Stock Is on a Tear. Apparently the Market Overreacted to Deliveries.
Tesla shares are on a tear. Maybe investors overreacted to the delivery report on Oct. 2. Tesla (ticker: TSLA) shares are up $3.47, or 1.3% in midday …

Tesla Battery Storage: Growth Is Limited
Seeking Alpha
The introduction of Tesla’s Megapack show’s Tesla’s commitment to improving their battery storage products, but also has a practical application in a …

Tesla offers peek inside the Crash Lab that helped it win a safety award
Digital Trends
The nightmare scenario for any car occupant is being involved in a smash. In that case, you want the vehicle you’re in to offer the best possible …

Watch new Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ prototypes go crazy on the track
Tesla brought back updated versions of its Model S ‘Plaid’ prototypes to the Nürburgring racetrack and you can see them pushing the vehicles hard in …

A Porsche Taycan crushed a Tesla Model S in a drag race
Business Insider
A Porsche Taycan sports car beat a Tesla Model S sedan in a drag race … performance trims, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Tesla Model S …

Tesla is about to show investors if it’s back on the road to profitability
Tesla Inc. is expected to report third-quarter results after the bell on Oct. 23, with more than the usual amount of scrutiny going into the Silicon Valley …

Tesla – 2019-10-16 – Easy News


Tesla Model 3 batch spotted with new factory black wheels
Tesla is apparently making a new black wheel for Model 3, as a batch of new cars have been spotted with them as they were shipped out of the factory …

Tesla’s ‘Bioweapon Defense Mode’ helped someone escaping a fire
According to Tesla , this mode activates a “HEPA filtration system capable of stripping the outside air of pollen, bacteria, and pollution before they enter …

Tesla is rapidly moving to build ‘battery factory’ in China, report says
A new report from China claims that Tesla is rapidly moving to build a “battery factory” in the second phase of its Gigafactory 3 construction in …

Tesla Stock Bulls and Bears Get a Trading Edge From a New Service
Cross-Sell Interactive is trying to give investors a new edge on Tesla stock by tracking new-vehicle registration data in two dozen states. Cross-Sell’s …

Tesla Numbers Show a Sudden Drop in August and September—Report
Cars don’t generally start skidding till snow season. But August and September brought in a sharp slowdown in Tesla U.S. registrations, which are …

Tesla Model Y vehicles with new wheels spotted on carrier near factory
Several Tesla Model Y pre-production vehicles with new wheels were spotted on a carrier near Tesla’s Fremont factory ahead of production. In March …

Tesla Model S Spied Back At The Nurburgring
After Porsche set a new EV lap record at the Nurburgring with its Taycan electric vehicle, Tesla has been eager to one-up the German automaker.

Worn-Out Flash Memory Is Suddenly Bricking Tesla Cars
Some older Teslas are spontaneously bricking because their embedded flash memory is wearing out, according to three independent Tesla repair …

The Week in Tesla News: Tesla Truck Time Nears, Dyson Drops Out as Porsche Prices Down …
Cars.com News
There’s been one official teaser image from Tesla regarding its upcoming pickup truck — still on schedule for a reveal in November, according to CEO …

Tesla navigating land mines that zapped rivals
Fox Business
“For years, investors have been concerned that Tesla must eventually face a wave’ of competing all-electric vehicles that would ‘substantially erode its …


Cells’ mitochondria work much like Tesla battery packs, study finds
UCLA Health
For years, scientists assumed that mitochondria — the energy-generating centers of living cells — worked much like household batteries, generating …

Tesla – 2019-10-15 – Easy News


Dow Jones Futures: Tesla Reclaims Key Support; Dow Stocks JPMorgan, Goldman, UnitedHealth …
Investor”s Business Daily
Dow Jones futures were little changed late Monday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures, after a quiet session for the stock market rally.

New ‘ Tesla Centers’ Expected To Improve Tesla Delivery Capacity
According to latest unofficial news, Tesla intends to open a new type of retail facility called ‘ Tesla Centers.’ These sites could become a vital tool to …

Tesla Semi Can Be A Profitable Niche Player In A Strong Growth Market For Heavy Duty Trucks
Seeking Alpha
The heavy duty e-truck market is set for lift off and will grow exponentially. Tesla can be at least a profitable niche player in the market in the short term.

Tesla (TSLA) pops amid local reports of Gigafactory 3 entering its production stage
Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are up over 3% on Monday’s intraday, exhibiting some strength on what is a rather quiet day for news surrounding the …

Tesla Sentry mode catches several more people vandalizing cars – help find them
Tesla Sentry mode keeps proving useful and it just caught more people vandalizing cars – seemingly for no reason. The videos could help find them.

I watched over 100 Tesla Smart Summon videos—here’s what I learned
Ars Technica
In late September, Tesla released a major software update that included a new feature called Smart Summon. It enables a customer to summon their …

Porsche just unveiled the most affordable version yet of its stunning Tesla rival
Business Insider
The Taycan 4S will bring the Taycan’s starting price closer to that of Tesla’s Model S sedan, which starts at just under $80,000. Visit Business Insider’s …

Elon Musk says Tesla ‘cybertruck’ to be unlike any other vehicle on the road
Milpitas Post
So far, the only images of the truck to emerge have been a picture of a concept version of the truck, which Tesla showed at an event in 2017, and a …

New $104K Porsche Taycan Looks Nice But Is No ‘ Tesla Killer’
The range and acceleration are below a cheaper Tesla model S, so it’s certainly not a ‘ Tesla killer’ for those with a focus on performance per dollar, …

Tesla Stock Looks Better Than You Think. Take a Look at the Competition.
Tesla stock has had a difficult year, but maybe the electric vehicle pioneer deserves a break. It turns out it is hard to make electric cars. Just look at …

Tesla – 2019-10-14 – Easy News


Ludicrous: the unvarnished story of how Elon Musk brought his Tesla dream to life
South China Morning Post
There’s no question Tesla has built some sweet-looking cars that are great fun to drive. Musk’s interest in powerful, fast-moving vehicles goes back to …

Electric Pickup Truck News: Tesla Truck Reveal, Controversial Render
Electric pickup trucks are a super hot segment these days with the Tesla Truck, Rivian R1T, Atlis XT pickup Ford F-150 and now even a Fisker pickup …

Tesla Needs To Come To India
April 2016, having seen the Tesla Model 3 being revealed by Elon Musk via the live stream, I was tempted to reserve one as soon as I saw that …

Tesla News: Consumer Reports Criticizes Smart Summon Auto Parking System
International Business Times
Consumer Reports (CR) this week criticized the Smart Summon auto parking system in Tesla vehicles, calling the feature ‘glitchy.’ Smart Summon …

Tesla Smart Summon Chases Kids (Video From Inside Car)
The car is plugged in and charging at a Tesla Supercharger (thank you to buyers who used our referral code). My husband came up with a funny …

Watch Tesla with ‘Bioweapon Defense’ air system drive through scary wildfires
With the Model X, Tesla put a lot of effort into developing a more powerful air filtering system in order to not only contribute to the reduction of local air …

Is Tesla Still a Rule Breaker to Believe In?
Motley Fool
‘My question is around Tesla . Tesla is an active Rule Breakers recommendation. I bought shares albeit well after the recommendation was made and …

Better Buy: Tesla vs. Ford Motor
Motley Fool
Ford Motor (NYSE:F) versus Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)? The Dearborn dinosaur versus Elon Musk’s futuristic dream? Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Why Investors Shouldn’t Panic Over Tesla’s Price Cuts
Motley Fool
In 2019, investors both bullish and bearish on Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock have had fuel to back up their views. Bulls like the fact that the company …

Tesla reportedly plans to meet demand by rebooting car dealerships
Tesla hopes to get better about putting a car in the hands of anyone who wants (and can afford) by redefining what a car dealership can be.

Tesla – 2019-10-13 – Easy News


Tesla to open new ‘ Tesla Centers’ to avoid dealership restrictions, increase deliveries
Tesla plans to open a new type of retail location called ‘ Tesla Centers’ to get around dealership restrictions and try to increase deliveries, according to …

Why Tesla’s Earnings Are A Complete Mystery
Seeking Alpha
Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) “fell short” of expectations last week, but still set a quarterly record by producing 96,155 and delivering an estimated 97,000 …

Toyota’s New Hydrogen Car Takes On Tesla
Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp released on Friday the first images of its completely revamped hydrogen-powered zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicle …

Tesla is going to open new ‘ Tesla Centers’ to get around dealership restrictions, increase deliveries
Tesla is planning to open a new type of location called ‘ Tesla Centers’ to get around dealership restrictions and try to increase deliveries, according to …

Tesla owners in Calif. receive warnings to recharge amid blackouts
Tesla owners in Calif. receive warnings to recharge amid blackouts … When Wendy Bedolla got into her Tesla Model 3 Thursday morning there was a …

Tesla Pickup Truck: Elon Musk’s next car could feature a surprising design
The Tesla CEO was quoted this week by Joe Rogan, who previously hosted Musk on his podcast. Rogan, who owns a Tesla himself, said during an …

Father sues Tesla after son killed in flaming crash
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The father of an 18-year-old Florida teen killed when his speeding Telsa TSLA, +1.29% slammed into a wall and …

Tesla Owners Receive Warnings To Recharge Amid PG&E Blackouts
CBS San Francisco
PATTERSON, Stanislaus County (CNN) — When Wendy Bedolla got into her Tesla Model 3 Thursday morning there was a message waiting for her.

Tesla owners in California receive warnings to recharge amid blackouts
Channel3000.com – WISC-TV3
(CNN) – When Wendy Bedolla got into her Tesla Model 3 Thursday morning there was a message waiting for her. ‘Stay Fully Charged,’ the message …

Tesla may open ‘Centers’ to get around pro-dealership laws
Tesla may be planning an end-run around state laws that bar direct car sales and protect dealerships. Electrek sources claim the automaker is …


Tesla Model 3 vs Honda Accord LX: what’s the more cost-effective ride?
Biofuels Digest
This sensational headline may have caught your attention this year, Tesla Model 3 Cheaper Than Honda Accord — 15 Cost Comparisons, as it …

Tesla – 2019-10-12 – Easy News


Tesla (TSLA) Witnesses Record Model 3 Delivery in the UK
Yahoo Finance
Tesla’s TSLA vehicle sales in the U.K. in September and the third quarter were a record high. The major contributor was Model 3, which has become …

Mate Rimac Dismisses Elon Musk Comparison, Praises What Tesla Creator ‘is Doing for Humanity’
Electric supercar maker Mate Rimac has said doesn’t like being compared to famous Tesla co-founder Elon Musk, despite respecting the billionaire …

Tesla warns California customers to charge their EVs ahead of outages
That could be bad news for electric vehicle owners, so Tesla is taking a proactive approach. The company issued an in-car alert warning owners to …

Father sues Tesla after son killed in flaming crash
New York Post
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The father of an 18-year-old Florida teen killed when his speeding Tesla slammed into a wall and caught fire is suing the …

Hydrogen power: Toyota takes on Tesla with alternative fuel
Al Jazeera America
Japan’s biggest carmaker, Toyota Motor Corp, has unveiled a redesigned hydrogen-power fuel cell car in a bid to revive demand for technology that …

Are fart, goat sounds coming to Tesla cars? We can only hope
14 News WFIE Evansville
(CNN/Gray News) – Tesla owners may soon have cars that sound like horses or goats or possibly farts. It depends on how much stock you want to put …

Tesla is installing Powerpacks at Superchargers affected by power outages
Tesla is in the process of installing Powerpacks as backup power for the Supercharger stations affected by power outages in Northern California.

Teens burned to death in 116 mph crash. Here’s why the driver’s parents have sued Tesla
Miami Herald
That’s according to a civil lawsuit filed Tuesday by James Riley, Barrett Riley’s father, in California’s Santa Clara County, where Tesla is based.

Tesla owners in California receive warnings to recharge amid blackouts
It came from Tesla . Bedolla’s car, like the vast majority of Teslas , is connected to the Internet at all times. Tesla can send software updates ‘over the air’ …

Tesla Rolls Over Own Feet With Pointless Smart Summon Release
Tesla released a new ‘smart summon’ feature to its customers who have purchased the ‘full self driving’ option for Tesla Autopilot. This function, which …