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Argentina’s Peso Plunges After Central Bank Tightens Foreign Exchange Controls: Citizens …
Bitcoin News
The latest plunge is seen as a further boost to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a country that has been plagued by currency challenges for over a …

Bit Digital, Inc. Announced Officially to Cooperate with the World’s Leading Bitcoin Colocation …
NEW YORK, Sept.17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bit Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq: BTBT) (the ‘Company’), an emerging bitcoin mining company headquartered in …

Should You Invest in Bitcoin & Blockchain ETFs?
Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin has seen renewed interest of late since it has surged more than 50% this year. Blockchain is the technology that underpins bitcoin and other …

An Analysis Of The Bitcoin Market In E-Commerce
Which e-commerce industries use Bitcoin the most? Blockonomics found that web hosting, health, and cannabis were the biggest users of Bitcoin in their …

Bitcoin Unlimited Launches Two-Option Voting App Powered by Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin News
This week a couple of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) developers released a new voting protocol called Votepeer. BU software engineers, Dagur and Jørgen …

MicroStrategy CEO says ‘ Bitcoin scales just fine as store of value’
Arguably the biggest Bitcoin adoption move of 2020 turned 78,338 off-chain transactions into just 18 on-chain ones, with MicroStrategy praising …

First Mover: Federal Reserve Does What It Wants to Do as Bitcoin Hits $11K
Bitcoin gained 2.2%. Subscribe to Blockchain Bites, our daily update with the latest stories. Subscribe. By signing up …

Bitcoin whale clusters show $9.8K support is now weaker despite rally
Bitcoin whale clusters at $9,800 have grown in size in the past few days, indicating some whales may be preparing to sell. 2114 Total views. Listen to …

Kiss’ Gene Simmons Tweets Cryptic Message About His Bitcoin Plans
Bitcoin News
Rock band Kiss’ lead singer Gene Simmons has tweeted a cryptic message about bitcoin in response to a discussion on making cryptocurrency …

Billionaire Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reveals Why Bitcoin Is ‘The Best’ Internet Currency
Bitcoin has the same patterns, it was built on the internet,’ Dorsey told newswire Reuters in an interview last week. ‘Any one with a great idea can add to …

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Anonymous “ Bitcoin Man” is Giving out Free Money
Some Bakersfield residents have won money from this unlikely scavenger hunt. “I called the news and then I sent the bitcoin app for their contact … Announces New Book Revealing What’s Missing from Bitcoin , Ethereum and Other …
PRNewswire Announces New Book Revealing What’s Missing from Bitcoin , Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies. Shows How to Use AI to Supply the …

Bitcoin News Roundup for Sept. 17, 2020
With bitcoin slipping with European stocks and a leaked memo about China’s blockchain plans, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto …

Bitcoin Supply on Ethereum Tops $1B
Over $1 billion worth of bitcoin has been tokenized on Ethereum as the total supply of tokenized bitcoin (BTC) passed 92,600 on Thursday, or 0.42% …

Bitcoin Falls Back Below $11K as Markets Doubt Fed’s Ability to Boost Inflation
CoinDesk data shows bitcoin’s price fell to just under $10,900 in the Asian trading hours – not long after it had climbed to near $11,100. The drop is …

Bitcoin sentiment at record lows … Does it mean the price will go up?
Social media sentiment for Bitcoin has slumped to a two year low yet technical indicators are still saying ‘buy’. 1426 Total views. Listen to article. 0:00.

Bitcoin Birch says no retail crypto-wide bull run likely for rest of 2020
In fact, he noted that the crypto market could see Bitcoin holding reasonable upward pressure in its journey toward $14,000 or $15,000.

Bitcoin , Tesla and avocados: millennial traders are saying ‘OK boomer’
Tesla, Bitcoin and avocados have all risen in tandem in recent weeks as trading activity spikes among millennials. 4524 Total views. 32 Total shares.

3 reasons Bitcoin price just hit $11000 despite altcoin stagnance
The price of Bitcoin surged past $11,000 but it might be too early to expect a significant rally to begin. 6378 Total views. 37 Total shares. Listen to …

Are Bitcoin campaign contributions a fad or the future of fundraising?
Palm Beach Post
Until recently, digital assets like Bitcoins were the preferred currency of far-right conservatives and die-hard libertarians. The attraction?


I paid 0.0011 btc to receive 5bct that i mined but still didnt receive the bitcoin in my account
Google Support
I did mined 5bct paid 0.0011 to receive the bitcoin but it’s still not in my bitcoin account I attached proof of payment. Details. Earnings, Android, Chrome.

Bitcoin Price to Surge Above $11K or to Drop Below $10K? Factors that Could Affect BTC’s Next …
Blockchain News
Bitcoin surged to its daily high of $10930 and abruptly corrected after it hit the 30-day moving average, which has been a strong resistance level since …

Bitcoin – 2020-09-17 – Easy News


Bitcoin ‘Young Investment’ Wallets at Highest Level Since February 2018
New investors are entering the bitcoin market at a faster pace and possibly creating upward pressure on prices, on-chain data shows. untitled-25.

Bitcoin will continue appreciating, although at a slower pace than in the past, Bloomberg analyst …
According to senior commodity strategist at Bloomberrg Mike McGlone, Bitcoin’s limited supply and increasing adoption will lead to steady, although …

‘Other companies will follow’ — MSTR stock up 9% after buying Bitcoin
MicroStrategy stock price jumped once again after announcing it has bought a total of $425 million in Bitcoin to date, but will other companies follow in …

Bitcoin Flashing First Buy Signal Since March Covid Collapse
Yahoo Finance
(Bloomberg) — After wavering around $10,000 for weeks, Bitcoin could be poised for a breakout, technical indicators suggest. Based on the GTI Global …

Bitcoin News Roundup for Sept. 15, 2020
With BTC crossing into bullish territory and a new smart contract-powered tokenized DeFi Index, CoinDesk’s Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto …

Bitcoin Flashing First Buy Signal Since March Covid Collapse
After wavering around $10,000 for weeks, Bitcoin could be poised for a breakout, technical indicators suggest. Based on the GTI Global Strength …

Bitcoin price finally breaks $11K as traders assess BTC’s next move
As Bitcoin rose to as high as $11,024 on Coinbase on Sept. 16, Ether, DeFi tokens and the majority of altcoins stayed stagnant. The contrasting …

Bitcoin IRA(TM): A New Wave of Investors Are Buying Crypto And Gold
Monterey County Weekly
Bitcoin’s price increase has largely been driven by increased trading activity and its critical ‘halving’ event earlier this year where its inflation rate was …

Futures traders are short Bitcoin — 3 reasons it won’t stop the rally
Bitcoin futures market funding rates show traders are heavily shorting BTC, causing a short squeeze. 4126 Total views. 24 …

Nasdaq-Listed Microstrategy Raises Bitcoin Holdings to $425 Million After Second Purchase
Bitcoin News
The company has purchased a total of 38,250 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $425 million. Microstrategy’s Bitcoin Investments. Microstrategy …

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Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $10.9K; Total BTC Locked in DeFi Passes 100K
Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin was able to reach as high as $10,950 on spot exchanges such as Coinbase Tuesday before losing some steam, settling around $10,778 as of …

Whales can now use Bitcoin to purchase private jets
A private aircraft sales company has started allowing customers to purchase any of their multi-million dollar jets using Bitcoin . According to a Sept.

Discrete Log Contracts Are Bringing Private, ‘Scriptless’ Smart Contracts to Bitcoin
These are the parameters (and call functions) for the first smart contract escrowed bet placed on Bitcoin’s mainnet. On Sept. 8, BTCPay Server founder …

Analyst ‘Cautiously Bullish’ on Bitcoin but Says Equity Sell-Off Still a Threat
Bitcoin (BTC) has crossed into bullish territory, but prices remain vulnerable to potential sell-off in stocks, an analyst believes. The leading … Eclipses Tesla With Bitcoin Sweepstakes, Discounts
Bloomberg Eclipses Tesla With Bitcoin Sweepstakes, Discounts. By. Olga Kharif. September 15, 2020, 8:02 AM PDT …

‘Gold is dangerous’: Why Jim Cramer will invest 1% of net worth in Bitcoin
Since the lead up to Bitcoin’s 2017 bull run, CNBC, Bloomberg and institutional analysts have been extremely critical of the digital asset. Most claimed …

More than $1B in Bitcoin has been tokenized for DeFi
Almost 100,000 Bitcoin are now tokenized on Ethereum, more than half of which migrated over the past 30 days. 1919 Total views. Listen to article.

First Mover: Bitcoin Investors the Sane Ones as Federal Reserve Cheers Inflation, Price Nears $11K
First Mover: Bitcoin Investors the Sane Ones as Federal Reserve Cheers Inflation, Price Nears $11K. Sep 15, 2020 at 12:56 UTC Updated Sep 15, 2020 …

Don’t expect another Bitcoin price ‘catastrophic dump’ — Analyst
Bitcoin’s macro landscape is making current price levels look like a good buy-in, Willy Woo suggests as support stacks up at $9,600. 10564 Total …

Bitcoin Options Traders Bet the Price of BTC Can Touch $36K by December
Bitcoin News
This past weekend, data shows the most active bitcoin options contracts were calls for $28k, $32k, and $36k by the year’s end. This means a number …


International Fugitive And Disbarred Attorney Charged In Over $5 Million Cryptocurrency Fraud
Department of Justice
They never completed the Bitcoin transactions promised to their victim investors. Today’s arrest of Philip Reichenthal ensures that he and his …

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Two Charged With Duping Investors Out of $5M With Bogus Bitcoin -Buying Brokerage
New York federal prosecutors charged two men with running a phony bitcoin brokerage service that duped victims of $5 million. As alleged in a …

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Passes $10.7K; Ethereum Gas Usage Hits Record September Highs
Yahoo Finance
Bitcoin (BTC) trading around $10,669 as of 20:00 UTC (4 p.m. ET). Gaining 3.4% over the previous 24 hours. Bitcoin’s 24-hour range: $10,250-$10,759 …

Fed, oil and record hash rate: 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
BP says world oil demand peaked in 2019 as central banks make “unconventional” policy the norm — and that’s all good for Bitcoin . 4 Total views.

MicroStrategy Board makes Bitcoin its primary reserve currency, may increase its holdings beyond …
Bitcoin serving as the primary treasury reserve asset on an ongoing basis, subject to market conditions and anticipated needs of the business for Cash …

Bitcoin’s Jump to $10.7K Ends 10-Day Sideways Trend
Bitcoin advanced on Monday, ending a 10-day-long price consolidation, as the U.S. dollar weakened against gold and fiat currencies. The number …

RGB Continues Its Work to Bring Better Smart Contracts to Bitcoin
The second layer network promises to bring smart contracts and tokenized assets to Bitcoin with a Lightning Network-esque technical design.

How Does Bitcoin Work? – An Easy Guide for Noobs
Let’s examine this statement in depth to really grasp exactly what Nakamoto states here. Firstly, he states Bitcoin is a “peer-to-peer” network. Bitcoin  …

MicroStrategy says it may buy more Bitcoin
Washington Business Journal
(NYSE: MSTR) may keep buying Bitcoin beyond its initial $250 million stake, the company said in a Securities and Exchange filing Friday. The statement …

‘Time to go up’ — Bitcoin price due for a push to $100000, says PlanB
The original stock-to-flow model is calling time on Bitcoin’s phase at around $10,000, and it’s not been wrong so far. 852 Total views. Listen to article.

Bitcoin market cap will match JPMorgan’s if the $16.5K CME gap closes
At $16,500, Bitcoin’s market cap would match that of JPMorgan, illustrating just how early the crypto sector is in its growth phase. 1348 Total views.

Bitcoin – 2020-09-14 – Easy News


Bitcoin and APMs Continue to Gain Popularity
Earlier this week, the SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital took place. The future of alternative payment methods and the growing popularity of Bitcoin  …

Bitcoin Cash hits new low vs. Bitcoin as Draper deletes Twitter praise
Bitcoin’s controversial hard fork now buys less BTC than ever before as one analyst warns that buyer support has disintegrated. 284 Total views.

The Tell Tale Signs of a Scam Crypto Website: Bitcoin -Up.Live
Bitcoin News
In many ways, this interest in bitcoin and altcoins is evidence that the policies of central banks are failing. Many professional investors, as well as …

David Schwartz reveals he owns Bitcoin , Ethereum, XRP and BAT
Crypto News Flash
Ripple’s CTO denies that he trades XRP for Bitcoin and claims he has reduced his investment in BTC. In response to a question from Gokhshtein Media …

Bitcoin hardware devices need to improve to handle complex transactions
Jameson Lopp, co-founder and CTO of Casa, a crypto custody firm has released a test result report on Bitcoin multi-signature hardware signing …

Bitcoin price abruptly drops 3% after miner outflows hit 5-month high
The price of Bitcoin fell by 3% as on-chain data shows miners are starting to sell BTC on exchanges once again. 214 Total views. Listen to article. 0:00.

Crypto Long & Short: How Bitcoin Correlations Drive the Narrative
Every week there’s usually at least one article in CoinDesk, a blurb in a newsletter and several charts in the Twittersphere about bitcoin’s correlation …

Bitcoin Hashrate Ramps to 130 Exahash Amid Next-Generation Miner Shortage
Bitcoin News
Bitcoin miners are finding it difficult to obtain next-generation application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) mining rigs after a number of firms have sold …

Morgan Stanley Strategist Recommends Bitcoin as Central Banks Ramp Up Money Printing
Bitcoin News
Morgan Stanley’s Strategist Discusses Stocks, Gold, and Bitcoin . Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley Investment …

Bitcoin whale cluster at $10570 is the most important level right now
Bitcoin whale clusters show major resistance levels are at $10,570 and $11,288, raising the chances of a major sell-off. 4898 Total views. 25 Total …

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Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption Grows, Now Comparable to Czech Republic
Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption Grows, Now Comparable to Czech Republic. As the hash rate reaches new highs, the estimated environmental impact of …

Bitcoin might just stay clear of the $9600 CME Gap
The impact of CME’s dropping OI was also highlighted in a previous article where investors closing out their position might have hurt Bitcoin’s overall …

Why Lack of Leverage Could Keep Bitcoin and Stocks Climbing Despite Selloff
At the turn of September, Bitcoin crashed by over $2,000 to below $10,000, and the stock market saw a steep selloff – particularly in tech stocks like …

Growing Bitcoin Hashrate Points to Further BTC Gains
Crypto Briefing
Despite the drop in Bitcoin prices, a surge in the total mining hashrate shows confidence in future BTC price gains. Don’t Miss Market Moving News.

There Will Be Bitcoin : Oil, Gas and a Cash Cow Under Our Feet
Bitcoin mining could provide an environmentally sustainable way for Texas oil and gas companies to use gas they would otherwise be forced to burn.

‘DeFi will outperform bitcoin in next five years’
Asia Times
‘DeFi will outperform bitcoin in next five years’. Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead says disruption of traditional financial sector will be immensely …

Huge ‘ Bitcoin Tram’ Ad Campaign and 20 Billboards Flood Hong Kong’s Financial District
Bitcoin News
During that time, three doubledecker bitcoin trams of various lines will cruise the east and west tracks on Hong Kong Island, each plastered with the …

Bullish pennant hints at Bitcoin price breakout to $11300
Bitcoin price is consolidating into a tighter range as traders appear ready to test the $10.5K resistance. 2409 Total views. Listen to article. 0:00.

Would Bitcoin suffer if the lead maintainers were kidnapped by aliens?
As lead maintainer Wladimir van der Laan takes a break from Bitcoin duties, we ask what would happen if the entire Github maintenance team …

Bitcoin can hit $16K but only if this resistance level finally breaks
Bitcoin price is becoming boring again as it’s trading in a narrowing range, so taking out a key resistance level is priority number-one for the bulls.


Senate Rejects Second Stimulus, Markets Plunge and Bitcoin Price Predicted to Crash to $8000 in …
Blockchain News
Our analysis predicts that the Bitcoin price could crash down to $8000 following the rejection of the United States’ second stimulus by Senate …